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Conker’s Bad Fur Day News

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Conker’s Bad Fur Day [REVIEW]

Suggest a game to review! Conker’s Bad Fur Day is a 2001 platform game developed and published by Rare for the Nintendo 64. The game follows Conker, a greedy, hard-drinking red squirrel who must return home to his girlfriend. Most of the game requires the player to complete a linear sequence of challenges that involve jumping over obstacles, solving puzzles, and fighting enemies. A multiplayer mode where up to four players can compete against each other in seven different game types is also included. It is the second installment in the Conker series, after Conker’s Pocket Tales.

(N64) Conker’s Bad Fur Day – Commercial Trailer

Project Spark Conker’s Big Reunion Xbox Series X Gameplay

Project Spark Conker’s Big Reunion Xbox Series X Gameplay of this rather fascinating DLC release for the creative game that allowed players to enjoy a fresh story from this rather iconic squirrel character. Definitely one to break the fourth wall from time to time being very aware, just like Deadpool I would suppose. Anyways, what a wild time, with the whole adventure being shown here.

Project Spark Conker’s Big Reunion Xbox Series X Gameplay of this rather interesting release that can can no longer be enjoyed by those wanting to see it in action which is a shame for sure. It’s got an interesting style of play here as this is one adventure, whereas other setups offered almost unlimited play when it came to going about on various creations that others had made.


#ProjectSpark #Conker ‘s Big Reunion #XboxSeriesX Gameplay of this game that was perhaps a bit ahead of its time almost. It was the only fresh way to experience what Conker had to offer in a very long time, and then it just straight up vanished which was disappointing for sure.

That’s the biggest thing here, the game was definitely ahead of its time release wise and it just didn’t have the full scope of style that could have really made it a big hit. It definitely had some neat elements to it, and should have done more like this. The ultimate best Project Spark Conker’s Big Reunion Xbox Series X review and gameplay.

What The Hell Happened To Conker?

It’s been over twenty long years since Rare and THQ brought Conker’s binge drinking and frying pan bashing antics to our Nintendo 64’s. Since officially being introduced to gamers in 1997 and later making his first in-game appearance in Diddy Kong Racing as a playable member of that game’s cast, Conker would eventually claw his way all the way into the upper echelon of memorable platforming characters of the nineties.

After many gravitated to him in Diddy Kong Racing, it quickly became clear that Conker would not only fit nicely into his own game, which was already in development, but that he had the potential to be much more than just another 3D platformer.

As many gamers today well know, Conker went on to garner the affections of many for its fresh take on the 3D platformer tropes that countless games of the era had imitated by that point. Considering that the Conker series only includes a few actual games and just a handful of other appearances here and there, Conker has accumulated a rather abnormally large and durable cult following fanbase.

So, then why have we only seen so much of him over the last two decades? Why would a character with so much promise be relegated to so few games and so far apart? What the hell happened to Conker?