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What to do in Kusadasi ?

Kusadasi has the vibes of energy and peace; it's a rather lively resort that has something to offer to everyone. It can get you on your toes in a jiffy, the soothing sounds of the waves, the tickling touch of the sea water on your toes, mere exploring, even relaxing on one of the many beautiful beaches or snapping up a bargain, Kusadasi has it all. Here are some must-do's when on a Holiday in Kusadasi.

1 - Spectacular Ancient City of Ephesus and House of Virgin Mary

Visit Ephesus

A holiday to Kusadasi is not complete without going on a tour to the ruins of the spectacular Ancient city of Ephesus. The people who live there are teeming with hospitality and love because of which the city has got glowing greenery and a spirit of livelihood in it. The House of Virgin Mary brings with it a sense of sacredness.

2 - Pleasure Of Viewing Cruise ships

Kusadasi Port

Till the extent of what your naked eyes can see, it's just the turquoise blue water and you that beckons to fall in love with it. To add more flavors to the sight in front of you, snatch a tub of hot chocolate and feel it down your throat while you sit at the banks of the shopping centre in Scala Nuova and enjoy the sight of Huge cruises appearing merely like a button sized floating toys in the wide sea.

3 - Turkish restaurant to get a true idea of the delicious Turkish cuisine

Kusadasi restaurants

To say the Turkish Restaurant food was excellent would be a pure under-statement. In order to avoid such errors, I am going to leave it to you to experiment with the scrumptious kebabs and the exotic Turkish delights. . Not only will you feel like one of those proud Turks but also will you hear the happy sound burp.

4 - Real Relaxation on Beachside

Kusadasi beaches

Are you one of those people who would simply not resist flaunting an attractive hat, a stylish sun glass and of course a cute swimsuit under the hot sun? Kusadasi Beaches is the place to be.. The Ladies Beach, Long Beach, Silver Sands Beach or Love Beach, each one offers different activities for a perfect day of relaxation

5 - Bird Island (Pigeon Island) and the museum

Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island, also known as Bird Island, is the symbol of Kusadasi and where the name
Kusadasi (meaning Bird Island) originated from. It's an absolute delight to visit this Island. There is also an interesting Museum  inside the old Byzantine Castle.

6 - Explore Wild on a Jeep safari and explore the surrounding areas of Kusadasi

Jeep Safari

Explore the surrounding areas of Kusadasi to get wild! Fancy a Jeep safari cruising through the forests and mountains of the National park behind Sirince in an off road jeep. It's going to be one hell of a funny, dirty day out with constant water fights between the jeeps going on.

7 - Adaland Aquapark, Aquafantasy Water Park

Kusadasi Adaland

Don't keep those clothes pure and sparkling white. Splash some water and click some waters at Adaland and Aqua Fantasy water parks in Kusadasi. Spend the racing down slides with names such as Black Thunder and Kamikaze, or simply join in with the rain dance or take the relaxing option of floating around the Lazy River on a rubber ring.

8 - Interesting Bargains at Selcuk Market

Selcuk market

Selcuk Market is held every Saturday from early in the morning until late at night. Browse around the many stalls where you can pick up bargains for realt interesting stuff.

9 - Picturesque Village of Sirince


An exciting Greek village is jam-packed with toothsome food and an antique treat to the eyes. Located 30kms from Kusadasi, this picturesque village with small cafes and wine houses with a magnificent view over fields, orchards, vineyards and olive groves is worth a visit. Eat traditional Turkish pancakes known as ‘gozleme' in one of the many cafes and try the fruit wines which Sirince has become famous for producing. Take the dolmus to Selcuk and then another to Sirince from the Selcuk bus station.

10 - Horse safari on a Sandy Beach

Horse Safari

Trek through forests and over mountains until you reach the rural beach of Pamucak where you have the chance to swim with the horses and gallop along the sandy beach, thats what you call a Horse safari.

11 - Izmir a Vibrant City


Izmir is filled with palm-lined promenades full of bars, restaurants, cafes and shops. Old fashioned ferries take you over the beautiful bay and are a great way to experience one of Turkey's most cosmopolitan and lively cities. If you want an adventure free day, Izmir is totally the place.

12 - Awesome Dilek National Park

National Park

Hiking can never be more fun than when you do it here. It is located 30 km (19 miles) south of Kusadasi towards Guzelcamli; you'll find the beautifully preserved National Park, known in Turkish as the Millipark, is a little piece of paradise. It's a great place to snorkel. Get those goggles out!

13 - Delightful Ladies Beach

Ladies beach sunset

Watch the beautiful Sunset. I can see some eyes rolling at the sound of ''Ladies Beach''. The Ladies Beach promenade is full of shops, bars and restaurants; A restaurant ‘Somewhere Else' offers great meals and a lovely seating area outside where you can eat a delicious meal and watch the Sunset over Samos. It could be a romantic gateway to cuddle around and watch the shiny sun going down.

14 - Relaxing boat trip near Kusadasi

Boat Trip

Relaxing boat trip is surely a yes to anybody who wants a pleasant end to the day. Stop off to swim in the crystal clear water followed by dinner at sea which usually consists of fish, hamburgers, rice, pasta, salad and bread.

15 - Exciting Turkish bath

Turkish bath

A Turkish bath, known as a Hamam, is an experience that should not be missed when visiting Turkey. Relax in the steam room on a heated stone table called a goebektasas while the tellak massages and exfoliates your skin with a coarse mitt. How exciting to get a Turkish bath on a stone!

16 - Natural Wonder in Turkey, Pamukkale


One of the most extraordinary natural wonders in Turkey is vast white cliff side with scallop-shaped basins of water. Pamukkale looks as if it's made out of snow or cloud or balls of cotton, it really is an amazing sight. It's a weird and wonderful experience to walk along the top of the cliff, where centuries of mineral-filled water spilling over the edge has left snowy white cascades. Take a dip in the enchanting thermal spring known as Cleopatra's pool. With collapsed Roman columns at the bottom and surrounded by beautiful blossoming flowers, it's a very relaxing experience.

17 - Watching ancient Greek city of Aphrodisias


The theatre and the museum are a complete pleasure to visit and look at. The ancient city of Aphrodisias was once a small city in Caria, Asia Minor. Wander around the archaeological zone, and have a look at the theatre and the ruins of the Baths of Hadrian. A visit to the Museum which has a collection of sculptural treasures, Graeco-Roman statues and ceramics dating from Bronze Age is a must.

18 Main Beach Clubs

Beach Club Kusadasi

A few nice beach clubs -  Jade, Miracle and Soho. By day you can lounge around on the big cushions and hammocks soaking up the sun and by night as the music gets louder and the drinks start to flow you can dance until the early hours of the morning.

19 - Exciting Quad Safari

Quad safari Kusadasi

Much like the jeep safari, the quad safari is for those that like an action packed day out. Take the quads along the dirt tracks before quadding to the beach for more exciting driving over the sand dunes and a dip in the sea.

20 - Favorite Degirmen Restaurant

Degirmen Restaurant Kusadasi

Set in luscious green grounds with a large pond with lots of ducks and an Indiana Jones Rope Bridge, a petting zoo, a cafe, a bakery and lots of animals including horses, peacocks, donkeys, chickens, goats and even camels The Degirmen Restaurant is a favorite for families with children offers, a fine menu..

21 - Worthy Visit to Kirazli Village

Kirazli Village Kusadasi

Kirazli Village, known in English as Cherry Village, is worth a visit if only to see the real, peaceful Turkey that still exists. This picturesque village which can be reached by dolmus or car makes you feel like you're in a different world after the hustle and bustle of Kusadasi. Kirazli is big on organic farming - where you can enjoy a slow meal and the peace. There is a weekend cherry festival in June.

22 - Calm and Serene Mosque

Kusadasi Mosque

Want to experience being a Muslim for a few minutes? Visiting a mosque will leave you feel very calm and serene. Be sure to follow the rules, dress appropriately as to not disrespect worshipers and take off your shoes before entering the mosque.

23 - Lively Kusadasi Markets

Kusadasi Turkish market

Markets? Yes! It is full of Noise and Life. There are 3 markets held in Kusadasi;
*The Tuesday market is the fruit and veg market.
*The Wednesday Market is the clothes and textiles market.
*The Friday Market sells fruit and vegetables.

24 - Shopoholic People Love Kusadasi

Shopping in Kusadasi

Kusadasi is a shopper’s paradise. There are lots of tourist shops that sell souvenirs, jewelry, carpets and leather as well as markets, and shopping centers. You can find many fake brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton and Calvin Klein to name but a few. Jeans, handbags, sunglasses, belts and watches seem to be the most popular purchases and you have to haggle over the price.

25 - Look Stunning with Turkish hairdressers

Turkish hairdresser

Being in Turkey, why not feel like a Turkish Woman by perfecting your standards? With generations of harem ladies preceding them, Turkish women know all about looking after themselves. If they can afford to they will visit their local hairdresser on a weekly basis. If you forgot to wax before coming away, try the heated sugar and white linen strip method perfected in this part of the world and for the perfect eyebrow shape, all it needs is a twisted piece of cotton, a good eye and a steady hand. For the men a trip to the barber's will be an unforgettable one. After an old fashioned shave with a sterile disposable blade attached to the razor, the face is then rinsed, patted dry, cologne is slapped on and cream massaged in before a dusting of powder completes the process. For those with a hairy nostril or ear lobes there is a treat in store! Brandishing a small, lit, poker type instrument they deftly burn the offending hairs away and then for the stubborn stray hairs remaining on the upper cheeks a tweezers is produced. An unforgettable experience and probably the best shave you will ever have.

26 - You Won't Forget the Turkish Night

Turkish hairdresser

Collect some memories! Lovely, long memories. The Turkish Night, held in the beautiful old Caravanserai every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, is a night out you won't forget. With traditional Turkish music, folk dancing and belly dancing it makes for a great evening of traditional Turkish entertainment. Beers and wine are included in the ticket price and you can watch the show whilst dining from a delicious buffet.

27 - Healing and Therapeutic Davutlar Thermal Baths

Thermal Bath

Enjoy a relaxing day at one of Davutlars thermal resorts - the Natur Med Hotel and Radon Thermal. The Natur Med has a mineral content of 5 grams per litre and a temperature of 41 C and Radon Thermal has a mineral content of over 6 grams per litre and a temperature of 42 C. Because they contain so many natural minerals - Turkey's thermal baths are known to have healing properties and therapeutic effects.

28 - Adventurous Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Get the sun screen lotion out of the bag for a tiring day of pure crazy fun! Discover the Underwater world of Kusadasi on a scuba diving adventure. There are three main locations for diving in Kusadasi bay - the shore dive, Barabaros Reef and Adabanko Reef. There are many Diving centers in Kusadasi, the most popular being Aqua Venture, where various scuba diving programmes and certificates are available. Uncertified divers will always be with a qualified and experienced diver so if it's something you've always wanted to do, now's your chance.